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  1. The paradox can be resolved by simply stipulating that omnipotence does not require that the being have abilities that are logically impossible, but only be able to do anything that conforms to the laws of logic. A good example of a modern defender .
  2. Mar 15,  · There is one condition needed for this paradox to have a resolution: The ant must be immortal. For the ant to ever make it to the end, it would have to walk for x 10 43, seconds, which exceeds the lifetime of the universe. 3 The Paradox Of Enrichment. Predator-prey models are equations that describe real-world ecological environments.
  3. Aug 31,  · Arlie Russell Hochschild, a distinguished Berkeley sociologist, calls this the Great Paradox. It is a conundrum she sets out to explore in her new book, Strangers in Their Own Land. Her strategy is simple: She will go to rural Louisiana-about as far outside the Berkeley bubble as one can imagine-and talk to people who identify with the Tea Party and its implacable hostility to "big .
  4. Dec 15,  · The Great AI Paradox. Don’t worry about supersmart AI eliminating all the jobs. That’s just a distraction from the problems even relatively dumb computers are causing.
  5. The God paradox is a good example of a philosophical problem. This section has some answers to this paradox. One answer is that God could make it so he can't lift the mountain by his own choice. In other words, God can lift the unliftable mountain because he is all powerful, but he chooses not to be able to, and so he chooses to cut his own.
  6. Also called “the heap,” this paradox arises for any predicate (e.g., “ is a heap”, “ is bald”) whose application is, for whatever reason, not precisely defined. Consider a single grain of rice, which is not a heap. Adding one grain of rice to it will not create a heap.
  7. Oct 07,  · Conflicts are the only way, a great paradox We have to form a contrast Otherwise the colors fade And all the questions (about this earthly .
  8. THE GREAT PARADOX: Economics, morality and the existence of God Dennis Weisman June 9, Engaged Spirituality My good friend Jack was raised as a Catholic, and had been a dutiful follower of church teachings throughout his life.
  9. Aug 05,  · The paradox is that the region's most dynamic economies have the most primitive financial systems. The paradox of exercise is that while using a lot of energy it seems to generate more. Death itself is a paradox, the end yet the beginning. Synonyms: contradiction, mystery, puzzle, ambiguity More Synonyms of paradox.

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