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  1. Favorite train videos for kids as well as adults from our famous series "Lots & Lots of Trains" that you'll want to watch over and over again!. Featuring the.
  2. How to Use the Train Ten Frame and Teen Numbers Pick one number and have them find the next largest and next smallest number Pick two numbers and have them compare the numbers Play a matching game with the numbers and the ten frames Line up all the cards in order then flip one over. Have them figure.
  3. trains number cards. Directions: 1. Start by lining up your trains on the track and counting them. Have your child touch each train as they say the number. 2. Now comes the possibilities of ways you can extend this preschool math activity. Give your child a number card and have them build a train with that many cars on it.
  4. Before we leave, it's time to get a head count. Count up the train cars in each group and write the final number on the lines. This counting practice can also double as color review, if your child is up to the challenge!
  5. Counting Trains. A Train Manufacturing Company Produces Train Cars That Are Either 1 Or 2 Units Long. The 2-unit Train Cars Come In Two Varieties: One That Holds Liquids, And One That Holds Solids. The L-unit Train Cars Only Have A Single Variety. As A Train Supplier, You Are Interested In How Many Trains Of Length N Are Available For Purchase. (a).
  6. DEVELOP PATIENCE & MOTOR SKILLS – We’ve made our counting trains and cups in a way that’s perfect for helping toddlers and young children learn in a way that helps them develop patience and increasing hand-to-eye coordination when sorting the trains/5(41).
  7. Sound Skip count to make a train of four carriages. Each carriage must be two numbers bigger than the one before it. Start by putting this carriage on any of the tracks below. Sound This time you need to skip count by five. Each carriage must be five numbers bigger than the one before it.

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