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  1. Pressure is defined as the physical force exerted on an object. The force applied is perpendicular to the surface of objects per unit area. The basic formula for pressure is .
  2. 24 synonyms of pressure from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 52 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for pressure. Pressure: the burden on one's emotional or mental well-being created by demands on one's time.
  3. Pressure is defined to be the amount of force exerted per area. {\Large P=\dfrac {F} {A}} P = AF So to create a large amount of pressure, you can either exert a large force or exert a force over a small area (or do both).
  4. Mar 07,  · The most common causes of pressure in the head are tension headaches and sinus headaches. Both of these conditions respond well to treatments. In rare cases, pressure in the head is a sign of a.
  5. Pressure (Japanese: プレッシャー Pressure) is an Ability introduced in Generation III.
  6. 1 day ago · Pressure washers are one and the same as power washers or pressure cleaners and basically fall under two categories. Gas-pressure washers would obviously require fuel to run and normally have a.
  7. Pressure definition is - the burden of physical or mental distress. How to use pressure in a sentence.
  8. If your blood pressure is elevated-- a systolic blood pressure between and or diastolic blood pressure of less than 80 -- your doctor will probably want to check it every months.

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