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9 thoughts on “ Live Mix - Static Pad - Live Mix / Dry Mix (Vinyl)

  1. Traditionally, front-of-house mixing positions have always been static: the mixer is where it is, and you do all your mixing from the one spot. This obviously has its disadvantages, in that the mix might sound perfect where you're standing, but compromised acoustics (and the sound coming from the backline) might mean it sounds absolutely.
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  3. Mixing Tips – Integra X-Stream Static Mixer Tips (box of ) $ These Mixer Tips work with Integra solid surface adhesives – this is a good spot to save money. /box. Mixing Tips - Integra X-Stream Static Mixer Tips (box of ) quantity. ADD TO CART. ITEM # Description.
  4. Dec 02,  · The new e-book from Cristofer Odqvist is available now. Today the great majority of commercially available music is mixed in stereo. There are some exceptions — like The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication which was mostly mixed in mono — but being an audio engineer today requires the skill of knowing when to make use of either mono or stereo information in a mix.
  5. mixing and do not exhibit any limit based on viscosity ratio. To date, commercially available static mixers still rely on shear to produce mixing and are not generally effective at dispersive mixing. One of the most commonly used static mixers is the twisted tape mixer schematically shown in Fig. 1. As the.
  6. If you can gravity feed or pump the material, the Type LT Lift Tab static mixer will mix it without fouling or plugging. Figure #1: Type LT Lift Tab Static Mixing Unit in various housing option configurations Principles of Operation. Each Type LT Lift Tab mixing element has three tapered finger-like blades protruding from the inside pipe wall.
  7. That being said, I come from the camp that subtractive over additive tends to be better for your mix in most cases. Now, I'm not saying to live in a strictly subtractive world; I do make boosts from time to time when needed or appropriate, but it's probably a or ratio of cuts to boosts.
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  9. The sounds of LoFi take many forms in music production. There are vinyl-emulating plugins that can give the impression of a dusty era of turntables and scratchy records; there's tube- and tape-emulating plugins that provide the warmth of classic recording processes and technology, and there are digital techniques that ape the sounds of classic samplers, video game music and the birth of.

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